Ever have a moment of doubt, where you get that pesky, "I'm only one person.  How can I make a difference?" stuck in your head?

We did too!

We've done some great things! We can't help but give a shout out to our  friends and neighbors who've made it happen.  Sure, awards weren't given out, but they deserve the kudos in knowing they influenced change in Long Beach through participation, involvement, and simply just caring.

TO DATE, we've raised over $20,000 in 5 years time, with combined efforts through our AIDSwalk teams and our Annual Red High Heel Party, that have gone towards the AIDS & Cancer Life Emergency Fund.  We care about it, can't you tell?

Not only that, but we've organized candlelight vigils on World AIDS Day, a Canned Food Drive, Sponsored a Combined-Community Outreach HIV Health Fair, created strong friendships, and more...

The Red High Heel Party, now in its 5th year, is designed not only to raise money for the The Alliance for our Healthy Community’s (AHC) “AIDS & Cancer Life Emergency Fund” (ACLEF), but to raise awareness that there is a need to get our neighbors involved in saving programs that assist the lives of our neighbors who desperately need help.

We just do it OUR way, which throws traditional, stale methods out the window, and combines interest and ideas by twisting fun and community together.  The best part is... We include our community in a method that doesn't require a tuxedo rental and a "$300 a Plate" price tag.

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     Our thoughts on influencing others to get involved with their own ideas, isn't to mirror what we've done, but rather find new creative ways in capturing a community's interest in a worthwhile cause.

     Whether it be a bake sale, a Martini mixer, a High Heel Drag Race, or a themed house party (that's how we got our start!), the intimate details sometimes get lost in periods of growth and popularity.  Taking it back a couple steps to a more localized method, proves to be quite effective, yet affective in the same breath.  (Look up the difference, you'll understand why.)  



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2011        2nd annual red High Heel Party:  The twisted carnival

2010        1st annual red High Heel Party:  The initial house party

2012                 3rd annual red High Heel Party:  moulin rouge

    2013             4th annual red High Heel Party:  toga party